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Torch Helps Healthcare Tech Companies Build Better Products

Scale your healthcare product development team with our experienced UI/UX designers and front-end developers

What we offer

Scalable design and development teams with healthcare technology domain expertise

Building products for the healthcare industry takes domain knowledge most designers and developers at staffing agencies don't have. That's why at Torch we're offering our years of experience in healthcare to help you make a real impact in healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I committed to using a team?

There are no commitments, we only ask for 30 days notice for any changes to teams. 

Where will my team be located?

Our teams are located in India and South America but we ensure your US-based team has multiple hours of overlap to work together

How does pricing work? 

Payments are made on a sprint-basis (2 weeks) and never change unless you change the size of the team.

What are you rates?

We offer below US market rates while maintaining quality and taking the management burden off of you. 

What kinds of technologies do you work with?

Our front-end teams are well-versed in React and Angular and other front-end standards.

Can your design teams do research?

Yes! We love the opportunity to dive deep into research and conduct user studies and testing.

What a Torch Team includes

Dedicated teams embedded with your existing product development team

Your own project manager to manage the day-to-day engagement between our resources and yours

Sprint reporting for both design and development projects

Quarterly business reviews to optimize your resource spend and strategic product planning

Multiple decades of healthcare product development experience

No long-term contracts, scale your team up and down as needed


Let's Get Started

Schedule a consultation today

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Torch will work with you to find the best team composition to take on your project or embed with your current product team. 



The team will begin work on a sprint-bases, syncing with any ceremonies your current team holds and adopting your communication standards.



Torch provides sprint reports after every 2 weeks so you can monitor velocity and track progress on your investment. We also hold QBRs to stay in strategic alignment.

Scale your product team instantly

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