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A Technology Partner You Can Trust: We’re a team of product and marketing strategy experts with direct experience helping startups grow. We have a passion for helping businesses find the right solution before spending too much time, money, and effort going in the wrong direction. We provide innovative digital solutions to help companies harness the power of technology to acquire new customers, increase visibility within their target markets, and transform their business operations to succeed. 

Startup Experience 

Liam Mooney founded Torch to take his decade of experience at a successful startup and help other businesses succeed. With a background in content creation, business operations, and product development, Liam aims to offer a consultative approach to all of our clients. While no two companies are the same and each need their own tailored approach, we also believe there's no point reinventing the wheel. 

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Liam is the real deal, he truly knows what it takes and has been there and done that experience to build a world-class tech product customers love. I'm a huge fan of the work that he did at MedBridge, going from zero to one in the PT online continuing education space. Thoughtful, understanding and highly skilled I'm very grateful to be working with him at PT United!

Quinn Worden

CEO, PT United

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