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Avoid These Common Mistakes That Lead to Low Website Traffic

Putting together a website for your business that fails to garner sales for a few months or so can be frustrating. After all, you end up wasting precious time, money, and effort. You may ask yourself, why can’t you succeed, and what are you doing wrong?

If you have listed possible reasons and still can’t find the answer, you might be dealing with inadequate website traffic. The bad news is that your website is not getting any traffic for a variety of reasons. Don’t worry - you can still fix many of the causes, sometimes quite easily.

Use the list below to check if your website is plagued with any of the common mistakes that lead to poor traffic and you’ll see that the remedy to many of these issues are quite easy to implement:

Insufficient Website Promotion

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?

The same can be said for your website which is in a vast forest of other websites, many very similar, so just by having a website (a great first step by the way) doesn’t mean it will magically garner traffic. Promoting your services, website, and content is a crucial step in attracting visitors to your platform and introducing them to what you offer.


There is no better way to connect to potential customers in today's digital world than through consistent promotion across platforms. You can of course pay for advertising but fortunately, there are various ways to advertise your material without spending too much. Making sure you have social media accounts tied to your website and that you post great content (daily if possible) will attract visitors that will check out your website and this will also build your brand.

Lack of SEO Strategies

We’ve talked about SEO before and how it truly is the best way to be found on the internet; search engines play a primary role in driving traffic to your website. This ensures your website gets found when people search for products or services you offer and eventually put you in the front of the line over your competitors.


Make sure you invest in SEO strategies to utilize optimized keywords to make search engines rank you higher. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on this, you just need to understand the basics of SEO and make sure your website and content leverage these strategies. It can be overwhelming but the core principle here is keywords (words people will search that you want to lead to your website) and content on your site that uses those keywords.

Low-Quality Content

Branching off of the previous solution, your content must adhere to some principles in order to do well with search engines. Crafting valuable content is vital for search engines and your website visitors. Keep in mind that content quality does not only pertain to your word usage and organization. Instead, think about how your output conveys your expertise in your field.


A good thing to remember is an acronym that many search engines use to identify a website’s value: EAT.

  • Expertise

  • Authority

  • Trustworthiness

Poor User Experience and Mobile Usability

When it comes to the user experience a website provides, there are two key elements to consider: site navigation and mobile-friendliness.

A website visitor will not hesitate to leave and search for something else if your pages load slowly and your website appears cluttered. Additionally, mobile searches have been steadily increasing since 2014, meaning that building a website that can be viewed and used from a mobile device has become more important.


Get on your phone right now and look at your website. Are there strange things happening when you press buttons or move around the page? Would you want to use it as a customer? How fast do images or videos load and are you waiting around while you scroll for things to appear? If this is the case, you need to tune up your website and maybe give it a facelift to solve this common issue. At Torch, we use Lighthouse to see how well the websites we build are performing and find any little issues that may get us knocked down on SEO, try it out on your website.

Unindexed Website

If you still do not see any visitors coming to your website, this is the first thing you should look at: is your website indexed? A lot of businesses often overlook this simple step,


Fortunately this one is quite simple to address. Check and make sure your website is getting indexed through the help of search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo, and more. Here is a tool to make sure Google has indexed your website and also to see how well it is performing.


All of these solutions are pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately, many folks running their own website aren’t aware of these simple yet important factors that lead to a successful web presence. Fortunately you don’t have to be an expert to understand the fundamentals and when you stick to them, they will lead to results and get your website to work for you.

Want to learn ways to build effective marketing strategies? Connect with Torch Digital Labs and we would be happy to give you more insights like these to ensure your business flourishes.


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