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Email Marketing 101: 7 Advantages Your Business Should Implement Today

Email marketing is not dead, in fact, 99% of people check their email every day and 73% of millennials prefer email when receiving advertisements, according to Hubspot. What is dead about email marketing are a lot of outdated approaches to the content sent in those trillions of emails flooding our inboxes. We’ll focus on that another time but for now we’ll show you seven benefits of email marketing:

1. It’s More Targeted Than Traditional Advertising

When building email campaigns, you can narrow down your target audience based on their hobbies, lifestyles, and demographic characteristics. As an added bonus, you may segment your email lists so that you can provide tailored content to individuals who are interested in your business. This kind of focus is gold when it comes to advertising and assuming you have a well managed email list, you can take advantage of this.

2. Email Lists are Easy to Create and Organize

With email marketing, you can interact directly with your target audience without having to rely on third-party intermediaries like social media or search engine advertisement. In order to distribute tailored information and offers, you can establish mailing lists and segment them based on their interests and other demographic information like we discussed above and you know exactly what each group is getting as opposed to broad demographics like “woman in their 30s in the United States”.

3. Email Campaigns are Now Easy to Build and Manage

In today's world, sending an email marketing campaign is no longer a time-consuming and difficult operation. You can plan, design, manage, deliver, and monitor your email marketing campaigns using a variety of economical solutions that are easy to use and understand. A lot of best practices for getting the most out of your email marketing may be found online as well and many of these platforms come with great templates that you can tweak to fit your brand.

4. Because they are Direct, Email is Highly Effective

With email marketing, you may communicate with prospective consumers in a targeted and relevant manner. In contrast to television, print advertising, direct mail, or social media, you do not have to pay for every impression, and your message is sent directly to your target demographic. Just be mindful of local spam laws and how you obtained your email list.

5. They Don't Cost Much

Technically you can do this for free but with some of the systems we have described above, you can start an email marketing campaign for as little as $5 per month. It is not uncommon for email marketing campaigns to convert a rate of 1-10 percent, much higher than other forms of marketing.

6. They Have a High Return on Investment (ROI)

Because of the low cost to produce and the higher conversion rate, email marketing campaigns can deliver an ROI that can climb up to 900 percent. Building relationships with customers through email marketing can also lead to more sales and loyalty to your brand especially if you’re offering useful and free content to your potential and existing customers.

7. The ROI Is Easily Traceable

It is much easier to track your ROI on email campaigns than other forms of advertisement. If you put a billboard on the side of the road, the only way you know if it worked is if people told you or you asked them how they found you when they came into your store. With Email campaign software you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaigns and eventually use that data to further improve your ROI.


With all the benefits of email marketing outlined above, it is important to set up your email marketing campaign the right way. To begin with, you need to have a proper email marketing strategy.

Like other forms of online marketing, it is a common mistake not to continue email marketing campaigns once they are started. Send emails regularly to your subscribers at least once a week (there is evidence that Tuesday mornings are best). If you’ve got a new product or service to promote, you can send them an email on that too outside of the regular campaign.

If you want to start with an email list, you can integrate an opt-in email form into your website. There are lots of tools available for free to help you create an email sign-up form that converts well but we of course recommend the Wix suite of business tools that integrate all of this functionality into one place, along with your website.

In order to help you reach your company goals, Torch provides consultancy and planning for your whole digital experience. We will help Implement online digital strategies that work for your business. Reach out to us now!

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