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Video Portfolio

This is a showcase of some of my recent video product work. I have over a decade of experience working on independent productions and large Hollywood studios as a videographer, producer, animator, among other roles.

Liam Mooney

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Scripting, video editing, and producing for long-form and social media.

Loor Apparel for Instagram Reels

Promotional social media content to push sales for an apparel company through Instagram Reels. I worked with the team to capture all of the video seen here, cut the content together and added motion graphics to make it as engaging as possible.

Video shoot, edit, motion graphics

Torch Website Case Study

Video-based case study I created to make my web design/development case studies more engaging. I used a combination of high-quality stock video and content from the site and wrote the script to create the video. 

Script, edit, motion graphics

Promotion Tech Video

Using my own business as an example to show how to make a high-energy tech promotional video common for promoting software and services. This is stock video paired with motion graphics.

Script, edit, motion graphics

Animated Explainer

I worked closely with this client to script and produce this animated explainer for their website. I used my post-production experience to find a great, affordable animation vendor to bring the story to life.

Script, producer

Animated Promotion

Working with a talented designer/animator I produced this animated promotion for my web freelancing.

Script, producer

Sizzle Reel

Collaborated with Loor to produce a longer-form sizzle reel for their store's launch. In addition to helping shoot the product photography and video shoot, I also created their e-commerce website.

Video shoot, edit, motion graphics

Hello, I'm Liam

I've worked in video production for over a decade and have done every role from being a single-person production team to managing a production studio with over 40 employees. I love helping clients bring their vision to life through video. I currently split my time between video work and web design and development. 

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